Community Blog Cloud Ambassador Story: How This Programmer Becomes a Top Ambassador?

Cloud Ambassador Story: How This Programmer Becomes a Top Ambassador?

This article describes a story of our cloud ambassador, Wang Hai.

This is a story of an Alibaba Cloud Ambassador in China, originally published on Alibaba Cloud China Site. To learn more about the international version of Alibaba Cloud Ambassador program, please check this page.

The young man born in 1995 officially joined Alibaba Cloud Ambassador during the 2019 Double 11 activity. He said at that time, the activity had already started when he became an ambassador. Although he lost the opportunity to prepare in advance, he still managed to seize every opportunity. In the 2019 Double 11 qualifying activity, he won the opportunity to divide up the 1-million-yuan bonus. In 2020 he even won first place in the promotion activity of Double 11 and Double 12. He is a well-deserved talented guy.

His name is Wang Hai, 26 years old, from Zunyi, Guizhou Province. He completed his credits ahead of schedule in the third year of college. Then he worked for an e-commerce department of Alibaba. He now works in the algorithm engineering department of a large e-commerce platform. Because of the various situations he deals with and the depth of expertise required for the field he works in, Wang Hai has formed his unique channels and methods of promotion. For the past life in more than twenty years, Wang Hai said that life was a long process. If we had too many expectations, we would inevitably encounter disappointment and setbacks. I was surprised that a 26-year-old programmer would have such an in-depth understanding of life until I learned about his experience.

During college, Wang Hai was the kind of guy who could not afford his tuition fees. Until early 2019, he paid off his student loan. He felt relieved of burden at that time and began to embark on his career. He said he later realized that it was only the beginning of his career, and there were too many things waiting for him.

After working for only half a year, he got his first year-end bonus. He decided to use this money to buy new mobile phones to replace his parents' outdated mobile phones. He bought iPhone 8 plus for his parents. He said he just did not care about money when buying things for his parents but was actually very happy. His mother often complained to him that her mobile phone did not work well when watching videos. Every time he said he wanted to buy a mobile phone for her, she said she did not want it. Just like every time he wanted to take her to travel, she said she did not have time. He knew that his mother actually did not want him to spend too much money. She knew her son's money came from hard work and working overtime. Maybe all parents care so much about their children.

A programmer's life is not only tired but also with endless overtime day after day. He began to think about whether he wanted to be busy all the time like this. This world is so colorful, yet he can only sit in the office and type code every day to optimize demand while getting a meager salary. So, he turned to his second career. He formally joined Alibaba Cloud Ambassador during the 2019 Double 11 activity and became one of the leading ambassadors with his hard work in various channels.

It was not smooth sailing in the process of promotion. Wang Hai consulted friends who had experience with promotion in the early stage. He studied a lot of learning materials. Finally, he got many ideas. Now he has formed his own understanding and methods of promotion.

  1. First of all, we should give full play to our strengths, such as writing articles. Because of good writing, he has been running a personal WeChat official account since the beginning of work. He stuck with posting articles every day and interacting with fans who left messages. In the beginning, only a few people subscribed to his account. Now, his account has over 500,000 fans. This is accumulated through every article and interaction bit by bit.
  2. Moreover, we should diversify the channels of promotion. Besides WeChat official account, Bilibili, Weibo, and other new media also became Wang Hai's promotion channels.
  3. Finally, we should provide professional advice on clients' buying needs. In particular, we should patiently answer some questions that we know well asked by our clients.

Therefore, when problems come, the first thing to think about is how to solve them on one's own instead of evading or throwing them to others. Initiative is the key factor for success. As for promotion, Wang Hai said that he got handsome economic benefits through it. For programmers especially, Alibaba Cloud Ambassador is really a project to take full advantage of the expertise of programmers. In addition, consumers who need servers have also received good discounts. This is mutual benefit and a win-win result. After all, cloud migration is the inevitable trend. Now Wang Hai's previous company and the current company are all using cloud. Cloud is the future for large, medium, and small companies in China. So the benefits of this field are considerable. People can use their expertise and spare time to do promotion. They can not only make a lot of money but also promote the development of cloud computing. This win-win project contributes to the welfare of the public.

Since working as a cloud ambassador, his difficult family conditions have improved a lot. His family now doesn't have to struggle to make ends meet like before. These are all unexpected gains. At the end of our chat, he said: "I will participate in all the activities because the temptation of commission is really great. I hope these activities will attract more participants."

Cloud Ambassador exists based on cloud computing, which promises the brightest prospect for promotion. Making money through technology is no longer a fantasy. How do you know that you will not make millions of yuan a year before joining? We must have dreams. You will definitely realize them through Alibaba Cloud Ambassador. We will work with you to help enterprises migrate to the cloud and drive the digitalization of China.

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