Community Blog Cloud Ambassador Story: How Did a Programmer Break the Bottleneck and Cope with His Midlife Crisis?

Cloud Ambassador Story: How Did a Programmer Break the Bottleneck and Cope with His Midlife Crisis?

This article describes a story of our cloud ambassador, Zilong.

This is a story of an Alibaba Cloud Ambassador in China, originally published on Alibaba Cloud China Site. To learn more about the international version of Alibaba Cloud Ambassador program, please check this page.

I believe everyone is no stranger to the name Zilong. As early as 2018, this name has often appeared in major blogs and forums in the Alibaba Cloud Community. In this article, let's talk about the transformation and promotion process of this big wheel.

Zilong, like most developers, began to be a programmer after graduating from university. As O&M personnel, like most programmers, he followed the same working schedule. However, when he entered middle age, he began to encounter bottlenecks and midlife crisis as millions of programmers did. As he works in the Internet field, he accurately grasps this opportunity and momentum of cloud computing and the current trend of cloud migration. When Zilong saw the recruitment of Alibaba Cloud Ambassador, he joined in without hesitation.

Make up the mind - Difficulties do exist when working on Cloud Ambassador promotion, but a good attitude is very important to face the difficulties.

Like all novice agents, the difficulties in the initial stage of promotion follow one after another. How can you develop the business? How can you get customers accurately? How can you quickly open up the market for promotion? These have all become problems encountered in the promotion for Zilong.

Study hard - Learn professional knowledge and change the way of thinking to meet the needs of the market and customers

  1. Learning is very important, and the object depends on what the market needs and what problems customers need to solve. For example, when you see someone discussing Spring, you should search for the information and find out what this means on the Internet. For more professional things, such as PHP and Python, you actually do not need to learn them in detail. Brief understanding is enough.
  2. In fact, the transformation is not deliberate. Zilong turns to the technology field to better solve the needs of the public. Only by making yourself more professional can customers believe in your promotion more. He often goes to CSDN and cnblogs.com for blogs written by programmers, especially those with many fans or high views. He can sell several servers with only one article.
  3. At present, He will often write some technical articles. After the activity, the technical articles can still continuously attract customers. This is an important means to ensure sustainable benefits.

Persist - Giving always pays off. An income of millions of yuan is no longer a dream. Process determines results, while accumulation determines success or failure.

  1. Continuously learn knowledge, conduct tests, and write articles. Group posting is the basic operation. Only fresh articles can attract more customers.
  2. Accumulate every day. Do not do things because of short-term interest. For example, you post a document, and then it is downloaded and shared by others or sold on Taobao at a low price. These are all accumulated year by year. Constant accumulation produces results.
  3. Regular group admittance is an important way to obtain new customers. Programmers, languages, regions, and enterprises can all be directions. Sometimes dozens of groups where you are admitted as a group member in a day can bring nearly 100 new customers.
  4. Currently, there are many individual website owners, and after being armed with technology, the unit price per customer of the whole website is gradually increasing. In the beginning, he barely earns. Now, he can earn thousands of yuan a day. This is achieved in one step, and the daily efforts can be exchanged for solid accumulation.

Zilong says that it has been more than 1,400 days since he first contacted the Cloud Ambassador project in 2017. He may be one of the first users of Alibaba Cloud who become Cloud Ambassadors. He believes that, first of all, for Cloud Ambassador promotion, you need to adjust your attitude. You need to be prepared to fight a long-term war. You may get paid back once you post a blog somewhere. When I started the promotion at the beginning, I looked at the background of Cloud Ambassador every day for orders and connections. I almost doubted my life. Fortunately, on the 7th day, I saw the first order of Cloud Ambassador promotion. This accidental order established my determination on Cloud Ambassador promotion.

Secondly, go to some famous websites to promote in the early stage, and don't always think about building your own website for promotion. For a while, I always wanted to build my own website for Cloud Ambassador promotion. As a result, the order volume dropped sharply, and at the worst, I couldn't get even one order for several days. The condition of no orders every day really affected the confidence of promotion. Later, when I think about it, I realize that other people can get orders on their own websites because they have been running for several years. How can my newly constructed website be better than them?

Finally, trust Alibaba Cloud. Never give up because of some minor changes in the rules of Cloud Ambassador project. The Cloud Ambassador promotion depends on time. The longer you promote, the higher the exposure rate and the more random orders you will have. I can already support my family by relying solely on the random order income of Cloud Ambassador. I hope everyone can do well in Cloud Ambassador promotion and make a lot of money.

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