Community Blog Apsara News | Facing the Cloud-Native Era, Alibaba Cloud Launched the Self-Developed Panjiu Server Series

Apsara News | Facing the Cloud-Native Era, Alibaba Cloud Launched the Self-Developed Panjiu Server Series

This short article discusses the release of the Panjiu cloud-native server series.

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On the morning of October 19, Alibaba Cloud officially launched Panjiu, a self-developed cloud-native server series, at the 2021 Apsara Conference in Hangzhou. Alibaba Cloud also unveiled the first Panjiu high-performance computing series equipped with the self-developed Yitian 710 chip. The server will be deployed this year for internal use within Alibaba Cloud.


The Panjiu server series adopts a flexible modular design that can achieve compute and storage separation, including high-performance computing series, large-scale storage series, and high-performance storage series. It has air-cooled and liquid-cooled modes and normalized motherboards. The design of the whole cabinet improves the delivery efficiency by 50% and is more in line with the next-generation cloud-native system architecture. It can play an important role in large-scale transactions, online trades, and cloud-native application scenarios.

The Panjiu series uses software and hardware fusion to achieve extreme performance based on the characteristics of containerization, microservices, and continuous delivery in the cloud-native era. It meets the performance and stability mechanism requirements of cloud-native innovative development combined with the self-developed MOC, FIC, AliFPGA, and safety and security intelligence center. In terms of computing, virtualization and OVS transmission performance are industry-leading. In terms of storage, millions of IOPS and storage latency can be reduced significantly. In terms of security, chip-level hardware encryption is supported.


With the advent of Yitian and Panjiu, Alibaba Cloud insists on the fusion and optimization of software and hardware, improving the final process of the full-stack cloud infrastructure and realizing technology and architecture innovation and self-development from chips and components to the whole cabinet.

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