Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Releases All-in-One CPS for IoT – Helping Customers Achieve Fast Deployment and Compliance

Alibaba Cloud Releases All-in-One CPS for IoT – Helping Customers Achieve Fast Deployment and Compliance

This article discusses the release of the Classified Protection System (CPS) for IoT and how it provides different levels of defense for nodes.

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At the Apsara Conference on September 18, Alibaba Cloud released the all-in-one Classified Protection System (CPS) for IoT. In accordance with the requirements of IoT expansion based on the Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0 (MLPS 2.0), this product provides three-level defenses for sensor nodes and gateway nodes, communication network security, boundary security, and computing environment security. These defenses conform to dozens of compliance requirements of IoT expansion, which are classified into six categories.


Alibaba Cloud's all-in-one CPS for IoT does not change the network architecture or modify the existing IoT system. Instead, it is deployed in users' Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to help their IoT systems quickly meet the compliance requirements of MLPS 2.0.

MLPS 2.0 has been implemented since December 2019. The requirements of IoT expansion apply to all industries and enterprises closely related to IoT devices, including the manufacturers and operators of IoT devices. They must conform to the requirements of MLPS 2.0. For many industries, including governments, banks, electricity suppliers, radio and television providers, hospitals, and schools, it is difficult for them to meet the compliance requirements of multi-level protection for IoT expansion. The local systems they use are large and relatively closed and are connected to various devices. Therefore, with low costs and small changes, a product that can quickly connect to local IoT systems is urgently needed to meet the multi-level protection requirements of sensing devices, gateway devices, and business platforms.


Alibaba Cloud Link Security (the IoT Security Platform of Alibaba Cloud) is the first IoT security platform in China that passed the IoT security evaluation based on MLPS 2.0 (Level 3). Enterprises that use the IoT security platform of Alibaba Cloud will receive the most comprehensive loT security protection, which greatly reduces the costs in providing security protection by themselves. The all-in-one CPS for IoT is a hardware-based product of Alibaba Cloud Link Security that provides standardized security SDKs and security carriers for sensor nodes and gateway nodes. On the platform, it supports API connection, which ensures that the whole end-to-end system is under the protection of the all-in-one CPS for IoT. In addition, customers do not need to modify the architecture of the original platform, and only some minor changes are needed for sensor nodes and gateway nodes. The original business logic and overall topology on the platform remain unchanged.

As a pioneer and practitioner of MLPS 2.0, Alibaba Cloud is qualified with providing comprehensive IoT security services and implementation capabilities. It can provide multi-level and full-lifecycle security protection solutions for various application scenarios of IoT in many sectors, such as smart cities, smart real estate, smart parks, smart manufacturing, smart security, smart medical treatment, smart agriculture, and smart aquaculture. Based on the leading security technologies and a comprehensive security ecosystem, Alibaba Cloud meets the requirements of customers for security compliance in all aspects.

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

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