Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Observability Episode 7 | How to Use ARMS Intelligent Alerting for Unified Alert Management

Alibaba Cloud Observability Episode 7 | How to Use ARMS Intelligent Alerting for Unified Alert Management

The seventh episode of Alibaba Cloud Observability Series introduces how to use ARMS intelligent alerting for unified alert management.

As businesses continue to expand their scale of operations accompanied by a commensurate growth in software and hardware sizes and complexities, there comes an exponential increase in the volume of alerts generated. Consequently, having a unified alert management system and strategies for converging alerts become critically important for operations staff. Today, let's delve into several typical scenarios for effective alert management using Alibaba Cloud's technology and solutions

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Related Products

Alibaba Cloud Observability product line encompasses services such as Simple Log Service (SLS), CloudMonitor (CMS), and Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS), providing users with a one-stop solution for comprehensive observability.

ARMS is dedicated to application performance management and user experience, ensuring the availability of application operations.

Simple Log Service (SLS) efficiently collects, stores, and analyzes various log data, facilitating fault detection and business insights.

As the core of infrastructure monitoring, CloudMonitor (CMS) not only covers metrics of various cloud products but also closely interacts with the aforementioned services. It achieves full-stack observability from infrastructure to application layers through unified dashboards and alerts, enabling enterprises to real-time grasp system conditions, expedite fault responses, optimize operation and maintenance efficiency, and safeguard the stable operation of digital businesses.

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