Community Blog An Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

An Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

This short article introduces the Alibaba Cloud free trial homepage and explains some of its benefits.

Basic Information

You can find the free trial on the Alibaba Cloud homepage. Activity rights and benefits will change based on policy adjustments. We recommend noting the URL to follow it at any time.

Rights and Benefits of Free Trial

Alibaba Cloud provides higher specifications and longer-term product trials for enterprise customers. In addition, Alibaba Cloud provides a discount on renewal, upgrade, and new purchases for ECS trial. Please see the following content for more information and instructions:
(Please refer to the event page for specific discount information. This article mainly introduces how to obtain the discount.)

Type Description
Free Trial for Cloud Products It provides a product experience that covers computing, storage, network, database, security, container and middleware, enterprise application and cloud communication, big data, AI, and other products.
Rights and Benefits of Enterprise Customers Enterprise customers can enjoy free trial with higher configurations and longer duration.
Discounts on Upgrade/Renewal/New Purchase Some products (such as ECS) can enjoy a minimum of 60% discount on upgrades/renewals based on trial orders. New purchases of t5/t6/c5/c6/g5/g6/g7 specified configurations can also enjoy a minimum of 60% discount.

Find and Apply for Enterprise Free Trial Rights and Benefits

How can we find an enterprise trial offer? You can find offers in the following two ways. Filter according to the left figure or view the applicable audience of the package. After confirming the trial product, click Try Now to complete the configuration of each step to receive the free trial resources.


An Introduction to the Discount for Upgrade/Renewal/New Purchase

The system will give customers participating in the ECS product free trial a discount (applicable to upgrade/renewal/new purchase). Please refer to the ECS offer description in the following figure for detailed instructions.


How can we enjoy a discount on upgrades/renewals/new purchases? As shown in the following figure, go to the ECS instances list of the corresponding regions to find the ECS free trial resources you have received. Click Upgrade or Renew to go to the corresponding order page to view the discount information.


Upgrade: Click Upgrade to go to the order page and select the required ECS specifications. Then, the discount will be displayed in the Price section.


Renewal: Click Renew to go to the order page. You can see the discount. The renewal duration is optional within one year.


New Purchase: When you purchase t5/t6/c5/c6/g5/g6/g7 ECS, the discount is automatically applied, as shown in the following screenshot. Note: Only a newly purchased t5/t6/c5/c6/g5/g6/g7 ECS with 8 cores or less, 0-5MB bandwidth, 40-100GB system disk, and duration within one year can enjoy the discount. Please see the details on the page.


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