Community Blog Yangqing Jia from Alibaba Cloud: Data Lake Is Becoming the Innovation Standard for Enterprise Data Application

Yangqing Jia from Alibaba Cloud: Data Lake Is Becoming the Innovation Standard for Enterprise Data Application

This short article discusses the rise and future of data lakes as a standard practice.

By Alibaba Cloud Storage Team.

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With the development of the digital economy, more users have reached the stage of using the cloud well from migrating well to the cloud. At the stage of migrating well to the cloud, most users are concerned about how to get more profit from cost. At the stage of using the cloud well, users begin to think about how to support more data analysis scenarios in number, complexity, and value on the cloud platform.

On March 31, at the Alibaba Cloud Global Data Lake Summit, Alibaba Cloud brought an upgrade solution of Data Lake 3.0 from the three aspects of Data Lake Management, Storage, and Compute. It presented the integration solutions and practices of data lakes in various industries and multiple scenarios for users, which can jointly promote the development of industrial data lakes.

Jia Yangqing, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Head of Cloud Computing Platform Business Group, believes cloud-native has driven the data lake into the 3.0 era. The data lake has become the innovation standard for enterprise data application.

As the volume of data applications increases, the openness and diversification of data analysis grow, which indicates that the application of data lakes is more complex. The key to achieving business innovation and growth for enterprises is the systematic implementation of data lake storage, computing, and management.

The cloud-native enterprise-level data lake by Alibaba Cloud helps these users empower new data-based platforms and create more new possibilities on the cloud for businesses.

With it, Free Gate Technology supports various business data analysis scenarios. It provides high throughput of hundreds of Gbps through data lakes to meet the requirements for elastic throughput expansion. At the same time, the data lake provides storage/computing decoupling architecture and multi-storage architecture, allowing Free Gate to optimize the costs flexibly.

"The integration of AI and big data drives enterprises to create business value. The intelligent hot/cold hierarchy ability based on data lake storage OSS can reduce the cost by 95%," said Alex Chen, Senior Product Director of Alibaba Cloud Basic Products.

Let's take Inke Technology Company as an example. The data lake solution is adopted to support the transformation of its business from a single streaming platform to a pan-entertainment ecosystem at the technical level.

Inke connects the data lake system of Alibaba Cloud with its exclusive big data middle platform to provide technical support for the product matrix. It realized data operation and the value exploration only with the front-line operation personnel and few client-side R&D.

In the field of intelligent logistics, Inceptio Technology is an autonomous driving technology and operating company whose business focuses on trunk logistics scenarios. Automated logistics based on cloud data lakes increase the utilization of data GPUs to 70%-80%, while resources are increased by 14.5 times. This increases autonomous driving training speed by 24 times at the lowest cost.

In the view of Alibaba Cloud, eco-partners have begun to transform from simple information providers to digital economy service providers under the environment of digital economy transformation.

The ability brought by the data lake is the key for partners of Alibaba Cloud to carry out transformation.

At the conference, Alibaba Cloud and more than 20 partners, such as Deloitte, Hang Seng Bank Limited, and iSoftStone, jointly released the industrial data lake ecosystem to the public for the first time. More innovation and possibilities are proposed for industry users by jointly using the capabilities of data lake solutions.

More than 10,000 customers have built data lakes on the cloud since 2020. In the future, Alibaba Cloud hopes to work with partners to apply cloud-native data lakes to various industries and promote more enterprises to achieve digital innovation.

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