Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Sustainability Report 2021

Alibaba Cloud Sustainability Report 2021

We've just launched our very first sustainability report! Read on to discover how we are leveraging technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues in our society.

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Technology powers innovation, creates value, and brings brighter future. In the next ten years, the greatest certainty is the popularization of digital technology, and the whole social economy and life itself will be fully digitalized. Today, “everything can be on the cloud”. Cloud is becoming a carrier of this era and a symbol of digital development.

Alibaba Cloud endeavors to be at the forefront of innovation powered by technology. We aim to leverage technology to help tackle some of the most pressing issues in our society, in tandem with Alibaba Group’s mission – to make it easy to do business everywhere. At the same time, it is our collective responsibility to consider, evaluate and manage risks and opportunities, including those associated with trust, environmental, social, talents development factors.

In this report, you will discover Alibaba Cloud's vision, mission, technology related capabilities, and also social impact.

Key Contents:

  • Alibaba Cloud at a Glance
  • Building Trust by Delivering Excellence
  • Making Social Impact for the Larger Community
  • Digital Talent Paving the Technological Future
  • Environment Protection at Core

Download Alibaba Cloud Sustainability Report 2021 >>

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