Community Blog Adiraku: An Online Payment Installment Application

Adiraku: An Online Payment Installment Application

Adira Finance introduces its plans for a mobile app and outlines how Alibaba Cloud helps during the process.

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub developed by Adira Finance from Indonesia.

Project Introduction

Adira Finance has a goal to help customers identify their loan activities, such as submitting loans, paying loans, tracking loan status, and payment reminders, directly through a mobile app. This way, customers can access information about their loans anytime and anywhere. Adira Finance created a mobile application called Adiraku with this goal in mind.

All of Adira Finance's customers can use the Adiraku app without visiting a branch in person, which allows customers to save more time and money. It supports Android and iOS.


Target Problems

Adira Finance wanted a focused, customer-centric mobile app. To accomplish this, they needed to achieve high availability, minimize downtime, and speed up process development, development, and testing. They also needed to have an easy-to-maintain database of customers and transactions with all of the in-app activity running in real-time. Also, if the app had bugs, they needed to trace and debug it immediately. In the case of scalability, occasionally, our server resources cross the threshold they can normally handle, but we cannot stop our marketing campaign. If we still use the strategy data center on-premise, the procurement process takes around 2-3 months until new hardware comes to our data center to increase the server's resources. Then, all fingers are pointed at us since our appl cannot serve our customers properly. At this point, customers could contemplate moving to our competitors, resulting in Adira Finance losing all their business.


With this goal in mind, after internal discussions and many system application architecture reviews, Adira Finance selected Microservice architecture. We also needed a Kubernetes platform as a service managed by a Certified Cloud Provider to couple with our Microservice architecture, so we chose Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) can run multi-zone, so we can achieve high availability and scalability easily. There is another critical component about Adira Finance's database. It needs full High Availability RDBMS that can run multi-zone. Alibaba Cloud has tools like DBA that can monitor for slow query, advise from slow query with solution, add a new index, or monitor user session database.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

Technology Highlights

Adira Finance chose Alibaba Cloud's Kubernetes and RDS because we know about critical components like Database and Application Layer. We want to make sure our production environment has high availability, minimizes downtime, and is easy to scale to give the best experience to our customers.

About the Team

My name is Hendra. I am responsible for Digital Architecture and a Leader and Advisor for the Digital Engineering Team. We have a development team for this project, including the Product Owner, Scrum Master, Technical Leader, Developers/Programmers, Tester/QA for automation tests and manual tests, and DevOps Engineer. We use the SCRUM methodology and the CI/CD pipeline for deployment.

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