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How One Airline is Flying High with the Cloud

Discover how Alibaba Cloud helped Garuda Indonesia reduce its operational costs by 60% and reduce its network latency by 20%.

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The rapid global spread of COVID-19 and widening travel restrictions pose significant challenges for the aviation industry. But the industry is finding new ways to cope during such uncertain times.

For international airline Garuda Indonesia, a migration to Alibaba Cloud has helped it reduce its operational costs by 60% and reduce its network latency by 20%.

Introducing Garuda Indonesia

The Garuda Indonesia Group currently runs 202 aircraft and more than 600 flights every day. But the company’s existing ticketing system, booking system, onboarding application, and crew management and customer membership management platforms were not performing well.

Poor performance of its mobile application, for example, often resulted in increasing customer dissatisfaction and database scaling issues during peak season also affected its service reliability and business continuity.

Garuda Indonesia decided to migrate its core operational applications to Alibaba Cloud. We completed the migration in just two weeks, when all the team were working remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Journey with Alibaba Cloud

During the migration, we worked with our local partners to help expedite the migration process and reduce the risks to the business. Indosat Ooredoo provided network design and implementation, ViBiCloud provided migration support and project management capabilities, supporting the migrated environments using its ViBiCloud Managed Services.

Working together, Garuda Indonesia migrated more than 85 Virtual Machines and three databases to Alibaba Cloud within two weeks, with minimal business disruption.

By using the Alibaba Cloud Migration service (ACM) and our Database Transmission Service (DTS), all of these Virtual Machines and the PaaS databases were synchronized by the ViBiCloud team to Alibaba Cloud.

By using the right VM specification and implementing elastic VM, the company can also easily scale its transactions, going forward.

After completing the synchronization process, modifications in the application layer were made to access and connect the new databases. Additional solutions, including our Server Load Balancer (SLB), and VPN Gateway were then deployed.

Cost and Service Benefits

Once the migration was complete, Garuda Indonesia reduced its network latency by almost 20%, compared to its previous provider.

Garuda Indonesia moved from a monolithic to microservices model, reducing its development lifecycles, boosting its network performance and resilience, and providing it with a simplified and more efficient CI/CD method. What’s more, this streamlined architecture also provided cost savings of more than 60%.

Network latency was also improved, accelerating the company’s application development and enhancing the end-user experience. We also provided support, helping Garuda Indonesia comply with regulations including PP 71/2019, ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and get GDPR ready.

To summarize, we have helped many businesses migrate across to Alibaba Cloud, finding the right solution for their organization. For Garuda International, a migration to Alibaba Cloud reduced its operational costs by 60% and its network latency by 20%. Garuda International now has the agility and reliability to fly high, no matter what future challenges the aviation industry faces.

Alibaba Cloud works with a range of businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products and services. We can help you setup, launch and succeed in any region around the world. To find out more about our work, download Best Practices of Cloud Adoption in Indonesia whitepaper today.

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