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5 Foundation Tools for Digital Transformation Revealed

Discover 5 key Alibaba Cloud products that can help power your business' digital transformation by providing you with cost-effective scalability on the cloud.

The cloud is the foundation on which the world's digital transformation projects start. Alibaba Cloud's latest e-book, The Five Foundation Tools of a Cloud-Based Digital Transformation, explores five key Alibaba Cloud products and services that can power can power your business' digital transformation. Click here to download it now.

While other transformative technologies including machine learning and advanced data analytics can bring benefits to your business, it all starts with the cloud. It allows you to modernize IT infrastructure, create a secure and robust online environment, enable cross-departmental collaboration, and focus on meeting the needs of your customers in the digital world now, and into the future. It's the foundation on which the world's digital transformation projects build success and rise above the competition.

The five foundation tools are:
1.  Elastic Compute Service: offering elastic and secure virtual cloud servers for seamless and cost-effective scalability.
2.  ApsaraDB for RDS: our on-demand database hosting service with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.
3.  Content Delivery Network: our multimedia content delivery service to reach users across the globe.
4.  Security Solutions: providing comprehensive compliance and protection against a range of security threats.
5.  Cloud Enterprise Network: providing your business with the connectivity it needs on a regional and global basis.

Together, these products and services form the framework for your business' cloud-based digital transformation, supporting your business and helping to shape its transformative change.

This e-book explores how Alibaba Cloud's customers have used these five products and services and helps readers to analyze and choose the most appropriate ones for their requirements. It addresses challenges such as cost-effective scalability, achieving consistent online speeds, building a global network, managing growing online demand, how to balance availability with security and how to deliver a great digital customer experience, such as multimedia and interactive content.

Alibaba Cloud has supported digital transformation across a multitude of industries, including e-commerce, retail, financial services, media, aviation, technology, manufacturing and tourism. Across these industries and more, cloud computing is the catalyst for the new agile corporate environment and Alibaba Cloud provides businesses with flexible, on-demand access to the resources they need to develop best in class digital offerings. Read this e-book to learn more about how these tools can support your business' digital transformation, while reducing the risks of wasted IT resources and security vulnerabilities.


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Raja_KT March 20, 2019 at 5:10 pm

Good . But I am surprised why Analytics, Big data, IoT, IoV, ET etc are not foundation...