Community Blog 5 Tips to Prevent Hacking on WordPress Websites

5 Tips to Prevent Hacking on WordPress Websites

This article explains things to avoid to prevent hacking on WordPress websites.

By Hitesh Jethva

Reasons Why WordPress Could Get Hacked

There are multiple reasons for a WordPress website to get hacked. According to statistics, currently, around 33% of websites on the Internet are running on WordPress. As a result, this popular CMS platform is more susceptible to hacking.

It can happen because the developer is not knowledgeable enough about its security services. Also, the user could have a plugin that does not guarantee the security of the website.

Hackers generally target bigger brands with the help of bots looking for every website's security weakness to exploit. Thus, it is essential to keep specific points in mind that should be avoided while creating a WordPress website. The fundamental points below will prevent WordPress users from being hacked.

Tips to Prevent Hacking on WordPress Websites

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Not having a two-factor authentication means not having a robust WordPress login. Two-factor authentication is beneficial if you have multiple users working in the backend of your website. It enables them to log in to the website using two distinct stages. The first stage involves entering the username and password followed by entering a one-time password for identity verification.

Furthermore, enabling two-factor authentication becomes relatively effortless if you use security plugins. The website owner uses authentication apps to generate passcodes for users. Thus, every time you try to log in to WordPress, you will be directed to the authenticator app to collect passcodes.

Strong Passwords and Management

Many WordPress websites get hacked when hackers discover the website's credentials with brute force attacks. Brute force attacks often occur when a website has weaker passwords.

However, it is important to create complex, robust, and difficult passwords to prevent a WordPress website from being hacked. Yes, we can understand the struggle of remembering every password. If you have problems remembering every password, a password manager is the best option. It safely stores and encrypts your passwords.

Update WordPress Frequently

Any software can lead to poor security measures when not updated appropriately. It is reported that about 86% of users are using outdated versions of WordPress.

Every update in WordPress brings in new features, such as bug and security fixes. These updated features keep your website safe from ordinary and easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities.

Select a Secure Theme

Selecting an appropriate WordPress theme is a crucial part of the website because it defines your website and what you are offering. However, some users ignore security features when selecting the WordPress theme.

A robust and secure website keeps your CMS platform updated, follows good coding standards, and is not associated with any kind of bugs and compatibility errors. Thus, it is advisable to choose a secure WordPress theme.

Remove Inactive Users

Keeping inactive users on your WordPress sites maximizes the risk of hacking. Users that involve Administrators or others that have the capabilities of modifying content are considered the weakest part of the website because most of these users choose weak passwords.

If you want to keep those inactive users on your WordPress site, change their role from Administrator to Subscriber to prevent any kind of actions prone to hacking.


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