Community Blog 5 ideal tools for ecommerce website to pace ahead of their competitors

5 ideal tools for ecommerce website to pace ahead of their competitors

Learn about some of the most effective tools specially designed to simplify the working and increase conversion probabilities of ecommerce sites

Digital storefronts or e-commerce websites make it easier for you to start and scale the business without spending hefty amounts or struggling with too many formalities. However, with time the number of players has been constantly increasing giving rise to the competition. With some smart tips, strategies, and tools you can strengthen your position. In this post we will talk about some of the ideal AI-based tools that make the e-commerce journey easier for you:

TUP Solution to create customer persona and optimize storefront

TUP solutions are among the forerunners when it comes to reliable AI-powered e-commerce tools. The tool seamlessly integrates with all the popular eCommerce platforms to deliver a frictionless experience without a steep learning curve.

Along with identifying the customer persona the tool also helps in optimizing your revenue through its automated UX changes.

It first extracts the comprehensive data and analyzes them to build the ideal personas for your potential customers. With these insights, you can easily identify your target audiences and personalize your marketing activities to increase organic traffic to your ecommerce site with relevant immediate needs and influence their buying decision.

There is another version of this tool that captures the user behavior on your websites and identifies the key areas to understand their preferences. Based on these insights it optimizes your website to significantly improve the user experience which eventually increases the repeated visits and sales opportunities.

The tool also monitors the customer behavior on your site and allows you to accordingly optimize the interface for delivering frictionless experience

The flexibility to choose between 2 highly efficient AI tools that significantly improve your sales potential

     AI-based deep analysis of your site’s strengths to help you significantly improve the key areas
     Tailoring user experience according to your target audiences eventually helps in overall branding

Granify: A Beginner-friendly tool to capture behavioural data

Granify is a simple, agile, and effective tool for capturing behavioral data. Ease of use, fast performance, and high accuracy are some USPs of Granify.

The tool performs a thorough conversation analysis and offers insights on selling probabilities which empowers you to optimize your marketing conversation accordingly. Along with that the tool also offers insights into the best time to contact the customer to increase conversion opportunities. With the help of behavioral data, the tool can understand customers’ preferences and craft messages that can convince your audiences to buy your products.

The tool provides you with a dedicated consultant to work on your project according to your specific needs. While it does help you get the optimum outcome it also has a flip side as you will be charged as per your specific project needs. So, there is guesswork involved and you cannot perform an instant shoulder to should comparison with other similar tools.


      A great choice for people with negligible or nil AI knowledge
     Optimized communication based on customer behavior increases your sales probabilities
     A fully personalized experience to meet your specific needs

Seventh Sense: AI-powered automated smart email marketing

Frequently sending repeated emails to your customers is the best way to hurt your business. However, it happens when you initialize computerized communication with your clients. With Seventh Sense you can solve this issue efficiently.

Seventh sense offers you detailed and accurate insights on the best way, time, and platform for communicating with your customers. With the entire email marketing schedule thus sorted smartly out you will have to incur much less effort and zero guesswork. .

The tool also extracts and uses accurate figures and data to make the message look more attractive, logical, and convincing.
· Automated and more efficient email marketing campaign to build powerful customer relationships

     Optimized email for building powerful customer relations.
     Analytics-based timing for sending email messages to boost the engagement rate

PriSync: Smart, automated way for comprehensive competitive analytics

Prisync is an efficient, AI-powered tool that provides you key information about your competitors and other players in your niche to get a precise idea of their strengths and weaknesses and discover the gaps where you may slot in to create more opportunities for your brand. The tool uses advanced algorithms to reveal the prices, marketing strategies, and profits of your competitors. More importantly, it also performs thorough data analysis to give you actionable insights about how you can achieve competitive superiority over others.

Add the items you want to sell, define them clearly and lastly add those products to your competitors.

Then PriSync takes over and fetches you the pivotal information like indexes, price patterns, and also future trend forecasts. By acting appropriately on this information you can stay ahead in your game and claim a better pie in the highly competitive landscape of e-commerce.

The tool delivers comprehensive details in a compact, eye-friendly format to make a glance observation. Its spreadsheet format makes comparison easier and quicker while the clear recommendations simplify your marketing strategy.


· Simplified using for beginner-friendly experience
· Thorough comparison to identify the key differentiators
· Intuitive steps for viewing reports and getting actionable insights

Liveperson: Humanized communication with customers

Prompt communication is the key to providing a positive experience to your customers and improving relationships, whether it is about answering pre-sales queries or after-sales support. With Liveperson, you can do that more efficiently.

This self-learning tool improves its capabilities over time thus upgrading the overall customer experience. It also simplifies the conversations.

Conversation analytics, conversation builder, conversational AI, and social message are some examples of the tools' use cases.


· Liveperson ships with excellent qualities to enhance customer relationships with the help of friendly communication
· It quickly responds to the customers' queries and resolves their after-sales challenges thus improving the customer satisfaction rate
· Offers an easy and intuitive way for customers to communicate with your business

Bonus Tip for B2B brands

While the B2C ecommerce businesses have lots of options, the B2B brands have very limited number of tools to choose from. Besides, many B2B ecommerce tool don't integrate very well and currently there are very few tool brands that supply a complete suite of tools for B2B Ecommerce sites. One of the highly reputed brand with a keen expertise in this industry is Alibaba. With its entire suite of Alibaba B2B ecommerce tools the brand offers a complete repertoire of digital capabilities to simplify shipping, order management and many other key requirements.

To get the best benefits out of your e-commerce journey you need to stay ahead or at least abreast with your competitors. This is better said than done but some AI-powered tools make things easier for you. In this post, we presented several such tools that actively help you in your in-house operations while also allowing you to stay updated with the latest trends, customer study, competitive analysis, and monitoring the strategies adopted by other players in your niche. With the help of these insights, you can significantly improve your e-commerce business. The readers are advised to carefully check the relevance and assess their budget before buying any tool.

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