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Alibaba Cloud Academy FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Alibaba Cloud Academy.

Q: How to register for Alibaba Cloud Academy account?

Go to, click "Free Account" on the upper right corner and you will be directed to the Alibaba Cloud Registration page. Choose the corresponding account type and continue. If you are registering as an individual, enter your email address, password and click "Sign Up" to go to the next step. Select your country or region and receive your verification code by email or phone then you have successfully created your Alibaba Cloud Academy account.

Q: How to apply for AAEP?

Go to, and click "Apply Now". Fill in the information on the registration page and you should receive our reply in a few days. Please check this page first to see our terms and conditions before signing up:

Q: How to purchase Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership?

If you haven't completed your billing information before purchasing Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership, please go to this page and fill in the necessary information: Then on page:, click "Subscribe" and you will be directed to checkout page. After purchasing, you will receive a redeem code to your email. Copy and paste the redeem code on and you are all set. Membership benefits include unlimited access to all online courses, free training courses for exam preparation, free Specialty certifications, free Apsara Clouder certifications, and up to 4 chances of re-taking exams, etc.

Q: How to take Alibaba Cloud Academy Certification Exam on Pearson Exam Center?

You can visit the Alibaba Cloud official certification exam platform on Pearson VUE to schedule your exam: If this is the first time you register an Alibaba Cloud certification exam on Pearson VUE website, please click “create account” on the right side. The Alibaba Cloud Certification ID is issued by Pearson VUE. If this is the first time you register Alibaba Cloud certification exam on Pearson VUE, you can select “No, I don’t know my Alibaba Cloud Certification ID”. Please fill in your personal information, such as name and email address, and then click “Next”. Input your contact information, including address and phone number, and then click “Next”. Input additional information, including age, region, industry and your relationship with Alibaba (e.g. partner, customer), and then click “Next”. Input username, password and security questions to complete the account setup. You will be able to sign in and see the exam catalog now, and you may select the exam that you would like to take. PLEASE note that it must be the same exam that you have purchased because each exam has a specific and different redemption code. Also, OnVUE exam is not supported in China and Japan. ACA Cloud Security Certification Exam is not launched on OnVUE. Now please select "At a home or office" and do an equipment test now or before the exam. Click “View Testing Policies” and read the testing policies carefully before scheduling your exam. You can choose the right date and the right time in your convenience. Take a look at the exam details and proceed to checkout. Confirm your name and contact information, and click "Next”. Read the Alibaba Cloud Certification Policies carefully and then click "Next”. Input the Redemption Code you received from Alibaba Cloud previously, and then click "Next". Now you can start your test session on Pearson.

Q: I have received the confirmation email, how do I register and take the Certification Exam on Alibaba Cloud Academy now?

First download zoom app on your mobile, and use PC to take the exam. At the exam date, click the zoom link on the email on your phone to join the online exam, and you will see registration link on the zoom session. Follow the instructions of the proctor and activate the license code and start the exam.

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