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11.11 Academy Advanced Training Event

Enhance your cloud expertise with advanced Alibaba Cloud Computing and Container Service public training in this November.

Academy Special Offers for Double 11

In conjunction with Alibaba Cloud Double 11 promotion, we are delighted to offer the ACP Cloud Computing and Container Service public training and certification for the very first time, by registering each event below, you will get:
1. A free ACA/ACP public training
2. A free ACA Cloud Computing/Cloud Native Exam
3. A free ACP Cloud Computing/Container Service Exam (only applicable for eligible participants)
⁎ Qualified participants will receive the ACP Exam email the next day upon training sessions.
⁎ Each Training session is limited to 400 participants only and registration will be first-come-first-served basis.

Steps and Rules of the Event

Step 1

Register for the free training.
You will get the free training and ACA Certification exam opportunities after you finish the training registration. You will receive the ACA Certification exam confirmation email within 12 hours after the training.

Step 2

Prepare for the ACA Certification exam and take the exam.
You will find the examination time of your ACA Certification exam in the registration page (view the Training & Exam Schedule). Listen to your training carefully and prepare for your upcoming ACA Certification exam.

Step 3

Get the free ACP Certification exam opportunity.
If you achieve above 80 points of ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam, you will receive the free ACP Cloud Computing Certification Exam opportunity.
If you achieve above 70 points of ACA Cloud Native Certification Exam, you will receive the free ACP Container Service Certification Exam opportunity.